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Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)


Helping with emotional wellbeing and mental health

CAMHS video to help support mental health

These are 10-15 min films focussed on supporting primary aged young people with their mental health. It is a series of activities they can try which will support good mental health. All the films do a check in which encourages young people to think about and understand their emotions.

  1. Soothing Rhythm Breathing https://youtu.be/vogqBB1Roos
  2. Peaceful Place imagery  https://youtu.be/HwFh4GeINdk
  3. Activity and Boredom Jar https://youtu.be/LS8MOyukIXo
  4. Making a Self Soothe Box https://youtu.be/NT0DVXMpsPs
  5. Muscle Relaxation https://youtu.be/E4C_r5jQJQA
  6. Grounding Exercise https://youtu.be/Oywr4afoB3Q
  7. Body Scan https://youtu.be/VFNqJiGNIB8
  8. 5 Finger Positive https://youtu.be/k7UNfN4vB1A
  9. Breathing Techniques https://youtu.be/OnGm9c6cPB8
  10. Goal Setting https://youtu.be/6xZu4wnHnfw
  11. Getting Sleep https://youtu.be/iXGzz_fpljc
  12. Positive Affirmations https://youtu.be/fqVaFNbQYh0
  13. Colour Breathing https://youtu.be/MSuORDhCSpA
  14. Our Bodies https://youtu.be/azNez8Q8vBk

P.A.C.E. (Parent, Carer and Professionals Events)

A free event to help families better understand the needs and difficulties that young people can face and how to manage potential issues/concerns they have about their young person.

See the information below or follow this link to book your place: Events – CAMHS (hampshirecamhs.nhs.uk)

PACE events 2024

Updated January 2024

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