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We are a Catholic Pre-School that has been well established in this area for many years. We pride ourselves on having a good Ofsted rating and long serving staff members with good qualifications ranging from level 6 to 3.

We have seen generations of parents and their children come through the setting. They are self-assured and have fond childhood memories to choose the setting for their child.

They remember the secure relationships they have formed throughout their early years and schooling and eventually becoming families of their own.

About Us

St. Joseph’s Pre School is part of St. Joseph’s Child Care Group a registered charity that looks after all our child care settings.

We are situated within the school grounds following the main school pathway just to the right. We are very fortunate to have two large classrooms that are allocated to the sole use of the Pre-School.



We are a structured setting that offers a flexible approach to learning. We provide a curriculum and environment that simulates children’s learning. We believe children are at their happiest when they can contribute their unique characteristic of learning through their play. We have use of the school facilities as part of our curriculum such as; the school hall for music and physical activities, the Well for prayer and activities, the library for stories, all on a weekly basis. In addition, we also form close relationships with the early years classes and are invited to join them for stories and play from time to time.

Pre-School Operating Hours

Monday – Friday (Term time)
Morning session     8.45 am – 11.45 am
Afternoon session  12.15 pm – 3.15 pm

The Pre School caters for children from 2 years 9 months to four years of age. It provides day care (either morning or afternoon or even both together) term time only. We accept the 15 or 30 hours government funding according to eligibility. We pride ourselves on keeping very reasonable rates within the area. These very low rates will make it possible for your child to attend the setting and get settled in before their funding eligibility starts and secure your place. Children are eligible for funding the term after their third birthday.

As  we operate for children of 2.9 years be sure to get your child registered from babies, as leaving it until they are eligible for funding may reduce your chance of an allocated space. We are very fair as we  make no charge to apply for a place or to cancel allocated places, so get in early as it cost you nothing extra. You may even like to share your childcare and choose to top up any extra hours by paying fees for your child’s allocated hours. We try to accommodate the best we can to fit in with busy life styles and working parents. We understand that to enable a smooth transition it supports you and benefits your child greatly to settle into an environment where they feel happy, safe and secure.

Parent Testimonials

“All three of my children have attended St Joseph’s Pre School and each have loved it. They have blossomed in confidence and were ready for school the day it arrived. The staff were diligent and caring and all my children looked forward to spending their days there”

“My son attended the pre school and the extra facilities they use at the school gives them such a wide experience and prepares them for starting school”


If you would like to apply for a place in St. Joseph’s Pre School then please click the link below for an application pack:

Pre-School Admissions pack and application form 2023 - 2024

English as a Second Language Form

If you would like to read our privacy notice and find out our fees please click the link below:

Pre-School privacy notice

You can contact the Mrs O’Shea, our Pre School Manager, directly: preschool@st-josephs.hants.sch.uk


Updated September 2023.

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