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DB Primary – Remote Learning Platform

In the event of a child needing to self-isolate, local lockdown or national lockdown, DB Primary will allow us, as a school, to set work and activities online. Children will be able to complete the tasks and receive feedback, when necessary, all without having to print any material or return anything to school.

At St Joseph’s, we want to ensure that children are accessing quality learning and teaching at home and in school, therefore the work uploaded on DB Primary by the class teacher will align to the curriculum being taught in school and may take many forms such as a PowerPoint, personalised voice recording/ video from their teacher, web-links or activities from the DB online activities to support the lesson.  Also,  DB primary allows children to submit their work to their class teacher in many different formats e.g. submit a picture of their work by taking a picture of it, upload a document or use one of DB primary built in systems such as their word or paint.

St Joseph’s will provide appropriate remote learning for pupils who are not able to attend school.

In the event of individuals needing to self-isolate

In the event that individual pupils are confirmed to be self-isolating due to COVID, class teachers will provide access to maths, English and foundation remote learning activities. This will be shared through DB Primary daily. The work set on DB Primary, as much as possible, will link to our long-term curriculum plans and the learning that those in school will be doing, while remaining manageable for staff to prepare on top of their usual weekly workload. As the teacher will still be in school with responsibility for the class, feedback will be provided as and when required although the office email can be used if further clarification is required. Parents may also telephone the school and request a telephone appointment with the teacher.

In the event of a class bubble, partial closure or local lockdown

Class teachers will provide online resources in line with the learning that would have taken place in the classroom. This will ensure that children can continue to access the relevant curriculum for their year. Teachers will provide adapted learning resources for children with additional learning needs, just as they would in school. This information will be made available through the DB Primary Learning Platform. The work for the week will be set at the beginning of the week using pages. Three focus activities will be created using tasks. These tasks must be submitted by the pupils by the end of the week and they will be ‘marked’ by the teacher.

Updated September 2021.

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