October 20, 2019

Life at St Joseph’s

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Aldershot

Welcome to our website – We are a Catholic Primary School operating as a Voluntary Academy for children from 4-11 years of age. Our website is designed to help all members of the school community to keep updated on all the school news plus easily find information. You can keep updated in a number of ways. You can either use the newsletter email subscription service to the right of the page, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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Prayer to St Joseph


Dear St. Joseph, please help us to respect and love and care for everyone. Help us to be faithful as you were. Help us to be hardworking because you were hardworking. Please help us to help others if they are hurt. We pray that we will be wise in our choices, using you as our example. Loving St. Joseph receive our prayer. Amen.

(Written by children in the school.)