November 22, 2019

School Houses

At St Joseph’s we break the Junior part of the school into houses. This encourages a sense of belonging, teamwork, and pride in your house. We use the house system to reward good behaviour by the use of points, an of course a good healthy dose of inter-house competition is a great way of preparing the children for life in the outside world.

The house system enables us to recognise and reward everything form helpful supportive behaviour between peers, excellent work to sporting and musical excellence.

The children love this system and take great pride in it. None more than sports day!


St Anne’s

St Francis’

St Paul’s

St Teresa’s

House Captains:
Helen Gillett
Alfredo Galang

Vice Captains:
Connie Chilcott
Harry Udal

House Captains:
Bea Paterson
Harley Udal

Vice Captains:
Maddison Buckland
Henry Usiagwu

House Captains:
Poppy Faughnan
Dennis Dimov

Vice Captains:
India Mackie
Regan Panther

House Captains:
Joely Ryan
Kyle Kepa

Vice Captains:
Lottie Fielding
Ben Jordan


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