Please find your Year group, click on the links and print off and complete. Return the work to school when you return and we will mark it for you. Please remember you can do accelerated maths also!

Please find Year R work below:

 count and write within 20

Year R 1_more_worksheet

Year R 1_more_worksheet 2

Year R count and match 1

Year R CVCwordstops1

Year R Jar_of_sweets_-_’one_more_than..'[1]

Year R My_little_book_of_Clothes[1]

Year R The_Clothes__Jar_tes[1]

Year R Weather_Clothing_k[1]

Please find Year 1 work below:

Year 1 Literacy 1

Year 1 Literacy 2

 Year 1 Literacy 3

Year 1 Maths 1

Year 1 Maths 2

Year 1 Maths 3 

Please find Year 2 work below:

Book Review

My Acrostic Poem

Snow day sheets – Literacy1

Snow Day Sheets – maths1

Please find Year 3 work below:

Year 3 Comprehension 1

Year 3 Punctuation[1]

 Year 3 Vocabulary[1]

Year 3 Word problems[1]

Please find Year4 work below:

Y4 Literacy 1 snow

Y4 Literacy 2 Snow

Y4 Literacy 3 snow

Y4 Maths 1 snow

Y4 Maths 2 snow

Y4 Maths 3 snow

Please find Year 5 work below:

Year 5 Literacy.[1]

Year 5 Maths.[1]

Please find Year 6 work below:

Year 6 Maths Snow 

Year 6 Literacy Snow


Updated January 2019

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