December 7, 2019

Statutory Requirements 2019/20

The following pieces of information are statutory for schools to display on their web site. The information can be found on other areas within the site but for ease of navigation they appear here all in one place. They are the most up to date pieces of information.

1. Pupil Premium Allocations Report

This report includes St. Joseph’s strategy and approach to how we use our funding effectively to make sure that our Pupil Premium (PP) pupils do as well as all others. Our 2018/19 report is available below.

PP strategy 2019-20 St Joseph’s

PP strategy 2018-19 St Joseph’s Review

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-19

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18 Review

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18

Pupil Premium strategy 2016-17 Review

2. Key Stage 1 & 2 Reading Scheme

KS1 Reading record new version 2018

KS2 revised reading record 2018

Our chosen Phonics Scheme is Letters and Sounds. Our Reading programme is our own based on the “best bits” of all the commercially available schemes, supplemented by books we have identified ourselves.

3. School’s Charging Policy

Charging Policy 2019

4. PE and Sports Grant Report

Sports Premium Report 2019/20

5. School’s Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy 2018 2021 Parents Staff

Complaints Policy 2018 2021 Directors Governors

6. Parent View

Ofsted Parentview

7. The Curriculum

Curriculum Policy 2019


Curriculum Map 2019

8. Behaviour policy

Positive Behaviour Policy 2019 2021

9. Admissions policy

2020 – 2021


Admission Arrangements 2019 – 2020

How to Apply & FAQ

Local Authority Admissions Website

Key local authority dates for main round admissions for September 2019

10. SEN Policy

SEN Policy 2019

11. SEN Intervention Information Annual Report


12. Exam Results

IDSR 2018

IDSR 2017

School Performance summary 2016 2017

Compare School Performance -St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (

Compare School Performance against other schools (

RESULTS Year 6 2019 (Sept 2019)

YEAR 2 FINAL Attainment and Progress 2018 – 2019

13. Latest OFSTED Report / Diocese of Portsmouth Validation Report

Academy Ofsted Report 2011

Validation Report – November 2016 – URN 137455 – FINAL

14. Child Protection / Safeguarding

The Role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead

15. Directors

Please see our Directors page.

Updated September 2019