August 12, 2020

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs every school morning from 8.00am to 8.30am

You do not have to book in advance as the club runs like a cafe. Children and adults are welcome to attend Breakfast Club providing they purchase something from the menu.

The Breakfast Club is supervised until 8.30. After breakfast Club is finished the older children go down onto the Infant/Junior playground. The Reception children are escorted to their classroom/playground by a member of staff

Parents and older siblings are most welcome to attend.


COOKED GOODS Poached egg – 40p

Boiled egg – 40p

Sausage – 40p

Bacon roll – 95p

Rasher of bacon – 50p

Hash Brown – 40p

Baked beans – 40p

1/2 Tomato – 30p

Ketchup Portion – 5p


Bread roll – 45p

Toast & Butter – 30p

Toasted Bagel – 70p

Toasted Tea cake – 50p

Toasted Crumpet – 30p

Jam  / Marmalade portion – 20p

Butter Portion – 10p


Bowl of Cereal – 60p

Yoghurt – 60p

Fruit – 40p

Pack of dried fruits – 50p

Fresh Fruit Pots – 85p


Milk – 30p

Tea – 40p

Coffee – 40p

Hot Chocolate – 70p

Fruit juice – 60p

 Milkshake – 80p

Fruit Smoothie – 80p

Updated September 2019