December 10, 2018


SCHOOL STAFF 2018-19  
Mr W James Executive Principal
Head of Teaching School (CTSA)
Mrs D McNeill Headteacher
Curriculum & Assessment Co-ordinator
Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Management Team
Mrs R Nash Early Years Phase Leader
Mrs E Render Key Stage 1 Phase Leader
Mrs M Geen Year 3 / 4 Phase Leader
Mrs A Smith Year 5 / 6 Phase Leader
Mrs L M Williams Special Needs Coordinator
Miss G Curry Special Needs Coordinator
Teaching Staff
Mrs R Biggs RE
Mr S Eagar Design & Technology
Miss J Hawkes Maths
Mr C Harms KS2 Science / Yr3/4 SEN English
Mr S Kelly Computing
Mrs C Keogh Science
Mrs B Lawrence
Mrs A Liney Music/Art/Arts Mark
Mrs A Morten PSHE / School Committee
Miss A Newall
Mrs C Spiers French
Mrs H Thompson
Mrs M Underdown
Mrs J van Zyl English
Mrs J Williams School Committee/Charities
Mrs L Williams History
Class Teachers
Early Years
Mrs R Nash Class EN
Mrs L Williams Class EW
Infants (KS1)
Miss J Hawkes Class R/1H
Miss A Newall Class R/1N
Mrs C Keogh Class 1/2K
Mrs E Render Class 1/2R
Mrs M Underdown Class 1/2U
Juniors (KS2)
Mrs R Biggs Class 3B
Mr S Kelly Class 3K
Mr S Eagar Class 4E
Mrs M Geen Class 4G
Mrs A Morten Class 5M
Mrs J Williams Class 5W
Mrs A Smith Class 6S
Mrs J van Zyl Class 6V
Mrs S Lane Senior LSA/Yr1 SEN Maths, English
Mrs A Walsh Senior LSA
Mrs M Brown LSA
Miss R Kelly LSA
Mrs G Legge LSA
Mrs L Maheady LSA
Mrs K Niedaielko LSA
Mrs G Reukers LSA
Miss S Slade LSA
Mrs A Wainwright LSA
Mrs J Whittle LSA
Miss S Williams LSA
Miss L Dudley Classroom Assistant
Mrs L Harding Classroom Assistant
Mrs L Kelly Classroom Assistant / SEN Maths
Mrs E Lally Classroom Assistant
Mrs T Pearson Classroom Assistant
Mrs C Woods Classroom Assistant
Mrs C Crookes Senior Admin Officer/Admissions Officer
Mrs D Flynn Admin Officer/Receptionist
Miss S Mercer Admin Officer/Receptionist
Mrs K Ralls Finance Assistant
Mrs J Westwood Finance Officer/PA
Mr W James Head of Teaching School
Mrs A M Kenny Learning and Development Manager
Mrs S Suarez Administrative support
Rev C Aburn Administrative support

Updated November 2018