July 18, 2019



We have a music room situated in the St. Benedict’s Art Block.  Every class has their music lessons here with a specialist music teacher.  In the lessons they sing songs, play a wide variety of instruments, compose their own music and listen to music from different genres.  We look at the great composers as outlined in the New Curriculum and the New scheme of work reflects the new topics identified in the new schemes of work such as history, geography and science..Music plays an important part in all our masses, liturgies and religious celebrations.  We have an annual Christmas carol service at St. Joseph’s Church for everyone to attend. Our Infant plays are now performed at the Auditorium at All Hallows which provides positive links to our secondary feeder school. There are also many peripatetic music lessons that take place here.  We encourage all children to learn an instrument and there are many to choose from.  We actively support the governments’ initiative that every child has the opportunity to learn different instruments in Year 3.

If children decide to carry on with one of the instruments after Year 3 we will support them in their choice by providing a free instrument and lessons at a small cost.

We work closely with our local secondary school All Hallows and have a large Violin & Cello group which is supported by All Hallows with regular concerts throughout the year.

We positively encourage children in the Juniors to learn an instrument.  In Year 3 they experience learning a brass instrument, clarinet and the Ukulele for a term each. Resulting in a concert to show what they have learnt.  If they particularly enjoy one of these instruments then in Year4 they can choose to continue learning with one of our Peripatetic teachers who visit our school to teach in smaller groups.  We will provide the instrument for them and we charge a small price for lessons which is £20.00 per half term or £40.00 per term.  This is exceptionally good value for money as instrumental lessons are very expensive.

However if this is not suitable for your child or they would like to try a different instrument. Then we have many other instruments on offer.

We have a brass teacher who can teach all brass instruments e.g Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium.

We have a woodwind teacher who will teach all woodwind instruments e.g  Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone.

Rock and Pop Foundation provide Drums, Guitar and Keyboard lessons. These are run by them and are charged at their rate.  Forms can be found at the office.

If you would like to get advice or help about learning an instrument.  Please contact Mrs Liney (Special Music Teacher)

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