July 18, 2019



This is a really exciting time to be a pupil at primary school. The opportunities that developments in technology will bring to pupils as they grow up are hard to imagine. The curiosity, creativity and courage that we nurture in them now should endure as they move on through education and into adult life. To exploit fully the opportunities that current and future technology offers them, pupils will draw on the understanding of computing as acquired through our comprehensive curriculum, as well as gaining confidence through working on a range of meaningful projects throughout their primary education.

For many activities, pupils will have access to the internet, particularly the web. There are stringent safeguards in place and Ofsted’s recommendation is not to be too restrictive; they advocate a managed, rather than a ‘locked down’, approach. Pupils at St Joseph’s will learn how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly, not to have their responsibility for this taken on by others.

While the programming expectations can be met using screen-based programming tools such as Scratch, there’s much to be said for working with programmable toys such as Bee-Bots and Roamers. At our school pupils can experience these toys in the Early Years.

In year 1, pupils use web-based games as an introduction to screen-based programming.

From year 2 onwards, pupils learn how to write code and program using MIT’s Scratch. Older pupils are taught how to quality assess their finished product and ‘debug’.

Across the age range, pupils receive a sound education in the use of popular software for desktop publishing, spreadsheets and presentations. These are all taught in conjunction with the other subjects to produce excellent cross-curricular work.

Pupils from years 1 – 6 receive two dedicated lesson per week in a purpose-built computing suite which houses 36 computers. The Early Years department have direct access to their own computing suite


Updated July 2018