July 18, 2019



In the Geography curriculum here at St Joseph’s there has been a special focus put on the children, in both KS1 and KS2, learning ‘raw’ Geography. Geography now has an even greater dependency placed upon it due to its topics being linked with English lessons throughout each term. The subject is dynamic because the world, and our understanding of it, is continually changing. Yet some key geographical concepts are enduring and are just as relevant in the new national curriculum as they were in the last:

  • ‘Space’ – the location of points, features or regions in absolute and /or relative terms and the relationships, flows and patterns that connect and / or define them.
  • ‘Place’ – a construct that is defined in terms of what it is like, what happens there and how and why it is changing.
  • ‘Scale’ – the ‘zoom lens’ that enables us to view places from global to local levels.

With every classroom provided with top of the range Atlases and resources including Globes, World, European and/or UK maps it will continue to add to the fun and interactive way of learning for each and every pupil at St Joseph’s.


Updated September 2017