December 10, 2018

The Curriculum

St. Joseph’s, in line with maintained schools, adopted the New Curriculum from September 2014. Our Schemes of Work in all subjects reflect this curriculum.

We have new topics and a new emphasis. However we have kept the richness of what was good in our previous curriculum and built on this to reflect the particular needs of our local community.

Our curriculum goes far beyond the traditional academic curriculum in its approach. It deepens knowledge in all areas as well as emphasising skills. Links between subjects are made when appropriate but we make sure that knowledge and skills within a subject are progressive and meet the needs of all. The fundamental lead for the curriculum is our vision statement. It focuses on our beliefs but also respects the culture and faiths of all. We have a big focus on the personal development of the pupils with an emphasis on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development and Personal and Social Health Education, helping pupils to know the difference between right and wrong.

We want the curriculum to develop our pupils as young citizens, who help others within our community whilst helping all to achieve the highest possible academic outcomes. Child protection and safety are woven into the curriculum supported by excellent quality extra curriculum support. In addition our curriculum is enriched by many visits and special events. Each of our junior year groups also takes part in a residential trip. We have a broad curriculum and high expectations for every subject.

If you would like to see our EYFS curriculum please click the link below:


If you would like to see our whole school Curriculum Map them please click the link below:

 Curriculum Map 2018


The current curriculum information for children in years R to 6 is here:

Curriculum Information for Parents – Autumn Year 1 and Year 2

Curriculum Information for Parents Autumn Year 3 and 4

Curriculum Information AUTUMN for Parents YEAR 5 and 6 2018

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St. Joseph’s has a long standing well developed procedure for teaching pupils to read. It has developed over a number of years with each refinement added to enable pupils to achieve better standards. Reading is a strength of the school with a focus on Phonics. Our chosen phonics scheme combines the best of Jolly Phonics and Letters and sounds. We also are one of the few schools to still have an emphasis on 1 to 1 reading for all pupils. In our Infant department all pupils are listened to read at least twice a week. In all classes throughout the school we will have daily readers.

The school does not follow a published scheme of work for reading but has developed its own utilising the best of all the available schemes.

If you would like to view our reading scheme please click on the link below:



Updated October 2018