July 28, 2017

Physical Education



 Physical Education develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence, and their ability to use these to perform a range of activities. It promotes physical skilfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action.


 At St Joseph’s we are committed to providing our pupils with 2 hours of high quality PE each week. Within each year group units of study include: Athletics, Invasion Games, Net & Wall Games, Striking & Fielding Games, Gymnastics, Dance and Outdoor pursuits. Swimming lessons are undertaken in year 5 with up to five 1 hour sessions. Some children may also be eligible for extra swimming lessons under the Top Up swim programme. Through a wide range of physical activities children will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills by participating in a broad and balanced physical education programme.

The P.E. Department works very closely with surrounding organisations such as our School Sports Partnership, Rushmoor Saints, Aldershot Town F.C and Aldershot Cricket club which benefit our children both in and out of school times as we aim to offer all pupils a 3rd hour of P.E. and sport outside the curriculum. These strong links, coupled with the continued hard work and effort placed upon P.E. at St Joseph’s allows us to consistently improve the level and quality of sport on offer each year. In addition, we hope to utilise local coaches to provide some curriculum coaching over the academic year. We aim to provide as many opportunities for our pupils to compete both at the intra and inter school level as possible by providing a wide range of competition opportunities.

We are continually looking to build upon our current sporting Calendar and Club opportunities on offer at St Joseph’s and will update this information regularly.

Updated September 2015