October 22, 2017

Yr 6 Reasoning Quizes

Help with YEAR 6 Maths!! Lots of fun activities to help your child develop their Maths abilities. Reasoning Quiz 1 Guidance Reasoning Quiz 1 Reasoning Quiz 2 Guidance Reasoning Quiz 2 Reasoning Quiz 3 Guidance Reasoning Quiz 3 Reasoning Quiz 4 Guidance Reasoning Quiz 4 Reasoning Quiz 5 Guidance Reasoning Quiz 5 SATs Survival Reasoning […]

Worship in “The Well”

The Well is a special place in St. Joseph’s School, where pupils, staff and parents can pray.

The Spiritual Garden

Our Spiritual Garden We are very lucky to have an outside area for worship here at St. Joseph’s. Our Spiritual Garden was designed by the pupils and provides the school with an area in which we can worship and appreciate God’s magnificant creation. All pupils visit the garden and have the opportunity to use it […]